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SunValue Solar Pool Heating Specifications


Dimensions and Design Parameters

Chart showing SunValue Solar Pool Heating dimensions and design parameters.

Panel Pressure Drop

Vs. Flow Rate

Chart showing SunValue Solar Pool Heating panel pressure drop versus flow rate.

Performance Rating and Daily Energy Output

Chart showing SunValue Solar Pool Heating performance rating and daily energy output.

Chemical Resistance The polymer polypropylene material is highly durable against: corrosion, lime scale, chlorine, iodine, HCL, salts and sea water, and other swimming pool disinfectants.

Potable Water and Foodstuffs Contact Certification Polypropylene is certified for use with potable water, as specified in the German standard DVGW-W270, and for foodstuffs contact as specified in the Swiss standard KsV-817041 and the British standard SI2000-3162.

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