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How SunValue Solar Works

How it Works

Naturally from the Sun.  SunValue solar panels are installed on your roof in a sunny position. Your pool water is pumped through hundreds of tubes in the collectors where it absorbs the sun’s heat (think of a garden hose lying in the sun). This warmed water is then returned to the pool for your enjoyment.

Schematic diagram of SunValue Solar Pool Heating.
  1. The existing pool pump directs water to the booster pump which pushes water to the collector.
  2. Pool water enters the solar collector at the bottom and rises to the top through the individual tubes of the collector.
  3. Solar energy heats the water as it flows through the collector.
  4. The heated water returns to the pool and the cycle is repeated until the pool is sufficiently warmed by the sun. The solar heating process is fully automatic, when using temperature sensors and a differential controller.
  5. Our solar controller will regulate the temperature to avoid summer overheating.

N.B. If your pool was built with separate solar lines,

these may be used to create an independent system.

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