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Quality Design. Unlike some other solar pool heating, SunValue Solar is manufactured for your long term enjoyment by taking care of the important details during manufacturing. Details like true over-moulded factory connections between the headers and riser tubes, (not simply low pressure push fittings by an installer or rubber hoses and metal hose clamps).


In addition, SunValue panels are installed utilizing exclusive mounting hardware that securely fastens the system on the roof without over strapping. No need for protector sheets underneath the panels either. We suggest you ask to see samples of our system and compare for yourself.

SunValue Overlooking Pool
SunValue Installed on Rooftop
SunValue Header Diagram

Hexagon Shape Unique structure allows for a flat installation on a variety of roof types.

Modular Structure Fast and firm connection between panels creating any size array over all roof types.

Over-Moulding Technology Unique injection process connects the header and tubes into a single panel.

Spacer Bars Prevents warping of the panel and abrasion of the riser tubes.

Individual Tube Design Minimizes wind effects and creates extreme panel stability.

SunValue Panel Cross Section

Panel Clamps Unique panel connectors. No hoses or metal clamps required.

Secure Mounting Clamps Patented mounting hardware securely fastens panels with no overstrapping.

Reinforcement Ribs Provide added strength while accommodating thermal expansion.

Unique Polymer Formula Stands up to UV radiation, weather, aging, vermin and birds.

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